Even when I get back in 3 months, we don't live at the same place. She's waiting to start her branch school and I'm at my permanent duty station. She's supposed to come to live with me when she's done with school, that's been our plan for 2 years. However, that's certainly not her plan anymore. So if I go 3 months without hearing from her, and then go back home, then what? Fly out to go talk to her face to face? This situation is unique in that we haven't actually lived together in nearly 2 years, and if we don't manage to band-aid it up at least a little bit between now and say, October, we probably never will get the chance to live together.

And I have no friends where she is to "keep an eye on her." She's not accountable to anyone, that's part of the problem. Why would she leave her super happy affair for what must seem like nothing for her. Loneliness. There's no one there to support her or make her stick to NC with the OM. I think that's why she lasted 3 days after we went through a bunch of the MB stuff.

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