Hey Jeff - It's 0900 at Ft. Sill... any vile e-mail mssgs yet?

Remember, you EXPECT these e-mails, so please try not to let them get to you... stick with your original OPORD and don't let her "FRAGOs" rattle you.

Hopefully your Bde Cdr will get back with you quickly. I'd give him at least a day or so to work on it, then I'd send him another e-mail if you haven't heard back from him to let him know that due to the seriousness of the situation, and the timely intervention needed to save your marriage, that you are going to the IG. (You can use the Ft. Polk IG, or the IG there in A-Stan...either one should be able to help you)

Hiring a PI is also another good idea, though it might be hard for him to gain access to the base... I'd think this through before hiring one. My concern would be if the PI is caught snooping around and the MP's learn that you've hired him, it may negatively impact your case. A PI is going to stick out like a sore thumb, especially if he's hanging around office building/barracks/BOQs/or housing areas.

Semper Fi,


PS - Here's the "mission statement" for the IG at Ft. Polk:


On a continuing basis, the Inspector General, JRTC and Fort Polk, determines the state of economy, efficiency, discipline, and readiness throughout the command as directed by the commanding general, and provides assistance, on an area basis, to commanders, soldiers, family members, civilian employees, retirees, and others who seek help with problems related to the U. S. Army, so as to facilitate efficiencies and combat readiness.

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