So what does that mean? Has he convinced her to do nothing? That it's all a lie? Did she leave with the kids?

Hey Gurka - Look back at some of my earlier posts to you... Remember, I told you that the OM would try and convince his W that some "crazy LT" was going to contact her...

You have the battle plan for the enemy and he's following it to the letter! Like the others said, don't worry about this. Your main goal here was to expose the A to the OM's wife... that's done. You may not see "immediate" results but I'd bet my next paycheck that OM's W is snooping up a storm now!

One other thing, try to NOT worry about things that you have no control over. You can't control what the OM's W does. I know from personal experience, that what you are most likely doing is projecting your thoughts to others - "If I were the OM's W, and I'd gotten a letter from Gurka, I'd do ___." Now, when "___" doesn't happen, you start questioning your actions and your reasons.... Don't fall for this!

Your actions are 100% right on target. Don't doubt your actions one bit! Your W is going to do everything that she can to try and make you doubt what you are doing. Stay focused and stay away from the "what if" questions that pop into your mind.

Semper Fi,


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