I felt like you as well about the AF. My mind was clouded by the desire to point the finger anywhere else but the real problem, which was my W.

I was blaming the wrong entity.

True, you certainly have paid the price for your country, but trust me when I tell you that being together will not solve your problems with a woman like this.

You will eventually disappoint her, as you have already through no fault of your own, and she will seek attention elsewhere. Read up on the victims of this crime. She's following the pattern. Women like her seek romance for the wrong reasons. You WILL be burned again.

If you leave the army and she recommitts, you will be burned again.

This woman is broken in the head more than your standard WW. This isn't a normal woman who stumbled into a mistake. This is a woman who will constantly seek the attention of men regardless of her marital status. She will continue to have poor boundaries.

Yes, you committed. I commend you for that. I did too. I had the same attitude. I was going to stick by my WW to the end and pay any price necessary to save my marriage and keep the family intact.

Divorcing her, as much as it hurt and I didn't want it, was one of the best things that has ever happened to me. I was married to an overgrown child. To this day she uses medical problems to get attention (not an uncommon problem in these victims either).

Do more research. Look at the long term impact of what she's suffered. It is lasting, it runs deep, and will mess her up for years to come unless she gets proper treatment or deals with it appropriately.

To any victims of abuse reading this: I understand that not all women deal with this problem in the same way. I understand that some grow up to become perfectly normal women with healthy relationships. But some women carry this crime with them for life and never get help.

Your WW is addicted to being in love. Normal love is alien to her. The high of new relationships is what she considers love. The long term commitment is boring to her. She sees this as "we lost the passion" or "I don't feel about you like I use to".

You could be Casenova, James Bond, and Superman all rolled into one and she will eventually find you inadequate.

This is harsh truth to hear. Take it as advice from a man who was exactly where you are and thinking exactly the same things.

Ridding yourself of her will eventually be a liberating thing. Kids with this woman will be a big mistake, since the eventual divorce will involve a custody fight with an equally selfish woman who believes she's entitled to sole physical and legal custody and will fight you tooth and nail.

Either that, or she'll walk away from the kids to pursue her future OM, abandoning them for her selfish interests.

Neither of those scenarios is good to deal with. Again, take it from a man who literally has the heart damage after having gone through it.

MB will not work on a woman like this. She is broken and will stay broken and won't seek you out unless she has something personal to gain from it.