Are you dealing with combat patrols?

Keep your head in the game when you can. A distraction like this could literally cost you your life, not that you need to be told.

I'm guessing that if WW and OM have talked to OMW, then they have tried to paint you as a raving and jealous guy finding things where they don't exist.

I wouldn't write more to OMW. Perhaps a short note along the lines of:


I wish to save my marriage and end this affair. Telling you was an important step.

I encourage you to do your own snooping to uncover the truth. Best of luck to you.


That's all. Unless she starts spying and sharing intel with you, then you should have no need to contact her any further.

It will be iteresting to see how they respond to the hammer coming down. My guess is that OM will dump WW like a hot potato.

He's seeing things unravel as it is.

Best of luck.