Gerk, picture this in your head .........

FWH has just found out that family and friends know of the A, from my exposure.

His face is beat red with anger, looks like he is about to pop his lid right off.

One fist is clenched, the other holds a glass of milk.

He starts screaming, ' YOU WILL NOT RUIN MY REPUTATION !!!! '

Then throws the glass of milk at me, his aim is a bit off but I still get some on me.

This is a grown, supposedly mature man. No history of violence.

He is taking a tantrum cuz people know about his sleezy behaviour. He's been caught.

He wouldn't be so irate if he didn't think it was sleezy too.

I'm pretty sure this a lame reaction compared to some WS's, I hope you get the drift.

M'd 22 years
D-Day 08/08 LTA