I agree with Jim. Skip all relationship talk for now. She will only see it as you picking a fight.

Go silent and send her something short and upbeat on Sunday.

You can ignore people if you find they are doing you more harm than good. Click on their name by their post, then go to their profile, and there is a link to ignore the user.

As far as WW's reply... hey, conflict is better than withdrawal as far as I'm concerned. Sure she's angry. That's good! It means the affair is dust.

Try to imagine her comments coming from a toddler trying to "reason" with you so that they can get their way. The fury is real, the logic is lacking, and if you can step back from it a bit, it can actually be kind of entertaining. Your WW is giving you the adult version of "I hate you and I wish you were dead and where are my real parents? My real parents would let me eat glue! Everyone I know loves glue and they are just fine!! You and your vegetables disgust me; I hope you're happy now that you've made me vomit because of your vegetables. I'll never eat another bite and then I'll starve and then you'll have to live with the guilt of WHAT YOU DID TO ME."