Well, it would figure that the fasting [censored] mail I ever get in Afghanistan are my divorce papers and some t-shirts. Sent April 19th, arrived April 26th.

The papers seem legit. Front page is a waver of my rights under SCRA. Time filed is 1:01pm, which would actually be just before OMW was notified of the affair.

She didn't even put the right address on my information. And according to how she filled it out, she wants to KEEP my name.

Also, I'm no lawyer, but it's clear that she's already violated the preliminary injunction issued by the court. It says on the first page of the injunction that you will not remove or cause to be removed the other party from any existing insurance coverage, including automobile coverage.

I guess I'll be going to see the SJA tomorrow.

Comments, ideas, suggestions at this point?