You said
Yes, I stand my my statement. Waywards are evil, selfish people. What else could you call someone who breaks their vows, lies, files false allegations, rewrites history, breaks the 6th commandment, manipulates, and does everything in their power to get rid of, hurt, and villify the BS?
Your responses to Gerka are getting tedious and annoying. Do you have any idea how many FWW's there are on this site? Do you have any idea how many marriages survive affairs? ALOT is the answer. Your characterization does Gerka no good. what he is trying to determine is if he breaks up the affair, will his WW become a FWW. If so, is the marriage worth proceeding with.

He is not stupid and you keep talking to him as if he were. I find that very very annoying. He is following his plan about as well as I have seen anyone do it, and that seems to annoy you. Why?

Gerka: You are doing well. The investigations are going to bring a lot of repercussions to OM and WW. This will offer you a chance and some insight into where your future lies. Keep working the plan and you will gain the data you need. You are right you definitely don't want to be making big decisions right now. But, you sure want to collect the data.

I hope your visit to the JAG tomorrow helps enlighten you about the D papers.