Hey Gerka,
Hang in there buddy. My hats offs to you, you're thread has really helped me alot in the exposure dept. What you did took alot of personal courage, I'm not talking about drinking the milk either, although it applies there too. I stayed away from that stuff while I was there.

I returned from Afghan in Oct 09, I was all over the place there. I am very familiar ARSIC-C, Kabul and KAF, I spent about 5 months in both areas. We did alot of PMT stuff...what a mess. From Jul04-Jul05 I was also stationed at Ft. Polk. I think I would take Kabul over Leesville any day.

I know what it's like to be in a combat zone and have hardly any support from the household. It kept me up many nights, I lost many hours of sleep. I had to divorce my W in my head to be able to cope. I wish that I knew about this site while I was there.

Stay stong, and rest knowing that you have done everything that you can possibly do at this point to save your marriage.