Ok! Just remember that Marriage Builders is not "save every marriage at all costs". Even Dr. Harley recommends divorce typically with WW + short marriage + no kids + serial adultery situations. He has said himself that he would divorce his wife were there infidelity in his marriage.

Please don't mischaracterize his comments.

Dr. Harley and his wife employ all of the policies in the marriage builders program (POJA, radical honesty, meeting EN's ETC.) They strive to keep their marriage affair-proof. If, in spite of their efforts, there was an affair in their marriage, it would be beyond his ability to fix it -- that is why he has made that statement.

Gerka -- this is your call to make. And you will find support no matter what your decision is. And you will find detractors no matter what your decision is.

I just want to comment quickly on the email. The picture, and the comment about your hair the "way she likes it" are actually not love-bank deposits. They will be an irritation to her. So expect that.