Hey Gurka,

I can see positives from staying in A-Stan, and from going home.

Even if you go home, she will be at Ft. Huachuca and you'll be at Ft. Polk, right? So you most likely wouldn't be together anyway until she completes her OBC class. If she ends up getting booted out of the Army, then by all means, I would get home as fast as you can...

Do you think that your OPCON Cdr will allow you to say long enough to get a replacement for you? That would give you a little more time to dodge the Divorce papers, with the understanding that you wouldn't be stuck over here for the entire 6 months.

I do agree that it would be best if you could physically be together... but if you can't because of her OBC, then I'd stick around in A-Stan for a litte while longer...

Semper Fi,