I assume she put herself in my shoes and is currently undergoing a huge revelation, and the next time I hear from her she'll be eager to rebuild our marriage.


BTW, very disappointing about OMW purposely feeding me bad information.

I wouldn't be so sure that OM's W feed you any bad information... regardless of what your W says, and regardless of how the investigation turns out... you accomplished your goal! You exposed the A and ended it.

Notice that your W isn't saying that she's still "friends" with the OM, or that she's still in contact with the OM and OM's W.... if she ever puts that in writing, I'd make sure that you keep a copy of the e-mail and forward it to your CofC. Bottom line is that the exposure worked!

She's playing head games with you and trying to get you to doubt the actions that you took. You were 100% right with all of your actions and you're WW is starting to convince you to have second thoughts... don't let her words get to you!

She's the one that's confused. She's the one that's making up all sorts of lies and stories in order to justify HER actions. You knew this was coming... don't buy into her lies and start second guessing your actions.

Semper Fi,