Maybe she's just broken in a way I can't fix.

Exactly Gurka! You CAN NOT fix her!!!

What you CAN do is continue to be the best husband that you can be for her... she will eventually work through all of this Jr. High drama, and trust me, she WILL regret her actions.

You are showing her your love, even when she doesn't deserve to be loved. She will eventually see that your actions WERE in her best interest and she will KNOW that you are committed to the M.

What you are doing isn't easy, and I know that it's eating you up to keep getting these e-mails from her... but Gurka, your actions are working! We can see it because we're not emotionally attached or involved like you are. You are doing a super job under VERY trying circumstances...

Don't doubt yourself... You can't fix her, but you CAN be a light to help guide her back...

Semper Fi,