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All I can think of is I wish it had been me. These guys had something to go home to. I don't.

I can understand this feeling, but have only one thing to say to it: STOP!

I felt exactly how you did on the the day I came home. She told me she wanted a D the day I got off the jet. I was at one point literally on the ground crying and wishing I had died over Iraq.

I just read that recently in notes I wrote about that time period. I am now grateful no such thing ever happened. My family would have been devastated, my kids would be without a father, and the WW would have gotten financial rewards and sympathies not deserved.

Since then I have become grateful to have such a woman out of my life, am super happy with my kids, have new friends, great contact with my family, and a wonderful woman that I'm going to marry soon.

Gerk, you have much to live for, whether it's the new marriage you may rebuild with your WW or the life that awaits you with your family or a future Mrs. Gerka.

You have a lot of issues pressing on you right now. Please reach out and get the help you need to wrestle with them.

These thoughts will understandably cross your mind. When they do you need to tell yourself exactly what we're telling you here. STOP!

You deserve better.