Hi Ace,

I found out about the affair via his email account. As far as ending it,these were the last post she made on her facebook account prior to my finding out about the affair:

"OW: Now I know why I've felt lost...it's over. Thu at 3:14pm � Comment �LikeUnlike

OW: I feel lost and have no clue why. *sigh*March 24 at 10:21pm � Comment �LikeUnlike"

The status marked Thu was posted 2.5 hours before discovery.

This is the reason I believe he ended it. Is it completely over? I do not know. I only know I can find no contact. I did a complete search of his car and several other hiding spots of his this weekend. Thus far I have found nothing.

He also sat down this weekend and began to draft a NC letter to her.

I also installed a KL on my laptop (the only working computer in the house atm) and have seen no activity.

I want to have hope and faith, but each day I feel more anger and bitterness even though I can find no reason not to try saving my marriage. This hurts so much, and I have no idea how to handle it. Is this anger and pain ever going to stop building? Does it ever really get better?

Me - BS
Him - WS
Discovery 3/26/10
NC letter mailed 5/27/10
NC letter recieved 5/29/10
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Recovery may not be an option. Seriously looking a plan B/D