I am actually struggling with movies and shows with all the EA's being displayed. I rarely find time to watch a movie and last night I tried to watch my Netflix selection which I thought was a comedy. He's Not That Into You and it displayed an all out affair. The wifes reaction was very similiar to mine except she never worked things out and they ended in divorce.
I also am a fan of glee but I hate the EA being glorified with the guidance counselor.

ME: BS 38 H: WH 46 DS: 4y/o DS: 2y/o
Married: 11 years OW: Neighbor/family friend and married
OWH is aware of affair
D-DAY 11/29/09 confronted DH about number of text messages and receive reluctant 2 day confession. No emotion from DH.
2ND D-DAY 5/2/10 DH self confesses to EA and PA
NC since 5/3/10
Both in counseling with SH
(EA began 9/09 PA 11/22 (car encounter)
EA begins again sometime in March 10 and 2nd car PA encounter on 4/23 and WH confesses to affair on 5/2.