I hope you made a photocopy of the letter, Eluna. If you read my suggestions too late (and a friend has already dropped off the letter on A car ~ maybe the correct one, maybe not), it's not too late to mail a copy to her at her work address ~ which your H must know if he pointed out her car.

If he pointed it out at her apt. then you can find her address/unit number by approaching the manager. They are bound by privacy laws but some managers are bored and seeking drama and often have loose lips and willingness to help. You'd be amazed at the odd ways you can find out information.

If nothing else, have a Private Investigator find out for you....you seem to have plenty of tips to make it happen. Keep a copy of his handwritten NC and clip it to the green card when it arrives. I kept all my stuff in my 'evidence box' in case we ever went to Plan D and I needed it for court.

Praying for you,

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