The "how much would it take" comment is a terrible idea. She specifically cited sarcasm as something she didn't appreciate on her EN questionnnaire.

I didn't take it as sarcastic at all. I thought it was light hearted and funny.

There was a BH a while back who was living w/ an active WW. One morning he said she came into the kitchen and said good morning to him.

He replied, "Good morning, Satan."

He said they both just cracked up at his remark.

Made me LMAO too.

Anyway, you know your WW best. IF you think she would take offense to a joke then definitely don't use it.

There was a lot of relationship talk, all positive. Looks like we may be moving back to making phone calls, and she seems open to me visiting her for a couple weeks when I get back.

Woah...when did this happen? Details....details!!

That's terrific news, Gerk!