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He just informed me that he is "willing" to leave the 2 most important people in his life (me and DS) just so I don't have to suffer anymore.......

Does this smell rotten to anyone else?

I told him that first he shows me how little I mean to him by having the A and now he is telling me that I am not even worth fighting for? At this point he broke down and started crying "That is not what I meant at all"

I might have missed a few of your posts, but I've got to respond to this: your H probably didn't mean that. I think he's frustrated over witnessing your healing (and that's what it is, even when you feel horrible) and is at a loss over how to help you. Have you told him things that he can do to help you? Are the two of you working on your ENs?

My poster boy FWH has cried so many times over his actions. His remorse is huge. But I've had to tell him what upsets me, and what helps me.


Thank you for your response on this. I wanted to believe that he did not mean it, but since this has all started I don't know what to believe.

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