Gerkaguards -

Let me echo what Vittoria said. This is all the result of your WW's own selfish actions. No matter how much venom she spews at you, know you took the road of integrity and did what you could to save your M.

I certainly have a vested interest in marriages recovering from betrayal, but even I would say here you/she needs Plan B/D.

If she ever comes out of the fog, she will be appalled at what she has done, and how she has treated you - especially in contrast to how you have treated her throughout all of this.

Your actions have mattered to her, and they have registered (as you have seen with the bile spewed at you). More importantly, though, I hope they have mattered to you. Your personal recovery is worth loads, and it is something you can take forward with you and apply in the rest of your life.

If you can, I would photograph all of her stuff for evidence, and either let her come get it as is, or store what you can in a unit, mail her the key, etc. Not sure about insurance cuts or any of that, though, so this is my uninformed $.02.

Me - 30 (FWW)
H - 30 (BH)
D-day: 2008