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I fully believe she would have responded better to a typical angry, "[censored] you, I want a divorce" kind of response as opposed to Plan A, exposure, etc.

Now what that says about the kind of person she is is an entirely different matter. I like to believe that the MB steps would work with a spouse and a marriage that's worth saving.

I don't know, Gerka. As others have pointed out earlier, none of us knows you or your WW. You could be right.

From my own experience, from what I've seen here, and, most importantly, from Dr. H's own work, though, it seems that MB principles are the best shot at rescuing a marriage from infidelity. You're right that it speaks volumes about her (at least her wayward self) and what kind of person she currently is.

Question: Do you feel you wasted your time trying to recover the marriage?

Me - 30 (FWW)
H - 30 (BH)
D-day: 2008