Life goes on. Back to work here at Fort Polk. It's boring, but steady. I'm in a new place, with new stuff. All of her stuff (and anything of mine that reminded me of her) is in a storage unit off post. Movers should be coming for it tomorrow, though I haven't heard from them. She sent me a few emails to arrange that, and offered to let me keep the dog while she was deployed like she was doing me a favor. I plainly said I didn't want him, and I wouldn't be taking him. She said I had until March to change my mind.

I'm surprised at how quickly and how well I've gotten over all of this. I work out 3 times a day, try to get involved at work, and the days seem to fly by. I've been doing a bit of charity\volunteer work on the weekends, and traveling to some of the larger cities within driving distance. Apparently I'm still a pretty good catch, judging by the amount of attention I'm getting from the opposite sex. I know it's weird but I had a real fear of being "damaged goods" so to speak. I still barely talk to my parents, and haven't gone back to visit them since I've been back. I know they think something is off, but it's easier just not to address it. I'm already at the point where I can make it through an entire day without thinking about my ex. I haven't visited this site in more than a month. The only reason I though to is because it's on my browser bar. I'm thinking it's probably time to delete it and move on.