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However, the thing I find MOST troubling about this, is his attitude towards MB that has been revealed. He felt bullied into POJAing....think about that for a sec. He felt manipulated at the sheer FACT that he had to consider his wife's needs.

The cruelty isn't manifested in CWMIs behavior here, not by a long shot.


Daily dish: he's decided to go back to the failed attempt before of taking me with him if he must go out of town overnight. Yeah, he's not getting out of the trip. How's that for a heck no he didn't discuss this during the interview?

So he said that, that if he ended up having to go, he would certainly take me with him and that he needed me to BELIEVE him that he would follow through this time. So he emailed me the itinerary and asked me if he should purchase a ticket for me. ??? I responded, somewhat snarkily, "I know you'll keep your promise this time."

And...he's mad again. Went rounds with me about the kids, what was I going to do about the kids? I said, I'm not putting us in this position, why do you think I should take care of what to do with the kids? Then more threats, he'll just leave me and he'll keep the kids, so I said, okay, what would you do about the kids during this trip if I was out of the picture? And he said he'd just hire someone to stay with them while he was gone.

I said, why don't you do that now, and keep me? Doesn't that seem the best solution considering the situation?

I don't blame him for being mad. Having your crazy logic pointed out has got to sting.

He bought airline tickets for all six of us, at just under $1k. Sent me the confirmation. He is pissed about it. Can't say I'm real happy, either. The other five of us have other commitments, to school. Now there's a lose-lose situation.

oh my goodness

This is such passive aggressive behavior on his part and nobody here at MB should even consider thinking that this is a legitimate solution to the problem the husband has gotten himself into.

5 people, 4 of them minor children, flying out to attend an event that CWMI's husband told her wouldn't be a part of his new job's position

He honestly believes that it is ok for his children to miss school for this.....he should know better. I'm sure he does know better, seeing that he's been able to become one of his company's top employees in a short period of time. he's no dummy.

I'm so sorry to read this CWMI.

Live, love, and laugh because the best is yet to come!