HIlltopper .. I just wanted to apologize if anything I said contributed to your feelings of craziness. I only offered you my opinion from my perspective on how I used marriage builders and what I did to win my wife back over. I also understand your frustrations towards your reluctant spouse. I gave examples and mentioned that this is not going to be a fast fix .. it took many years to get to here and it may take awhile to get back to the way you want things. I believe it was once said that this is a marathon, not a 50yard dash. I understand you have a 4 month old and a few other children .. and that is VERY taxing on your wife. So I understand that aswell and how that affects your wife .. she probably feels "touched out"

AFter reading your replies after my last post, especially after your frustrated blow up blaming post .. I began to wonder if what I had said had any value or impact at all.. I am kinda new to advice giving and can only provide you with my own point of view from my own experiences.

Vets: Thank you for saving this one ... I didnt even know how to respond at first, so I stayed away to think about it .. but you guys chimed in with all the right stuff ..so i am thankful of your awareness.

Hilltopper ... Its also great to see that your wife descided to post and is willing to start her own thread. Stay on track .. follow the MB plan. These hard times will eventually all be in the rearview mirror if you stay the course and follow the advice.