A quick rundown. She ignored my text to her asking her if she was "ok" at 11am all day, she finally emailed me at about much later with the following, you'll see my replies:

I hope u hear this clearly I WILL communicate with you when u get home. Stop trying to fix things on the dot and put pressure on everything. U did something wrong, I'm getting over it and I will be ready when u get home. I would like I to have more patience.

I would appreciate you removing the 'tude. What do you mean? I sent you a text 4 hours ago asking if you were ok. What pressure are you referring to? If you're ok I'm gonna work a little later as I don't think it would be wise to speak right now, ok? If your mood changes let me know. I love you.

I'm just letting u know I've told u more than once I would like to speak with u when u get home. I feel like u try to force responses and get annoyed. I'm not trying to have any attitude and of course I FEEL like you are reading into my email. Simply stated talk later. I held back every ounce of my body from telling staci everything. She is a good friend and watched Alex so I could run. There are little people with ears here. I will gladly see u when I get home.

Please reread my email again. Specifically what did I read into and what did I force? Are you reading my thread? I sent you a text at 11 am asking if you were ok in a respectful loving concerned manner. That is all I did, does that bother you? I thought it was nice. I'm glad you want to chat later, we can spend time together. Luv you lots

I'm normally glad for u to send me text messages other than today when I was extremely mad and hurt by u for basically calling me a whore. So yes I am mad and willing to move on but I will have my own stew for one night. Yes I do luv u but I'm still extremely still hurt and overwhelmed. We can still watch movies and hang tonight but please don't have any expectations that I'm going to desire to be affectionate tonight considering the circumstances.

We haven't spoken all night nor made eye contact. I went into the other room to read the book, she went up to take a shower so I put the kids down. I've apologized to her and publicly on this forum numerous times but it is gonna take a lot more time for her to get over this as near as I can tell. She is hurt and I get that and at a minimum I'm not LBing anything I suppose but we are in a state of withdrawal at the moment.

Speaking of withdrawal, that is where we were for a long time with occasional bouts of conflict. At least we are in a state of conflict and hopefully heading back towards intimacy. She has shut me out again entirely and it feels bad. I'm very lonely and sad tonight.

Married 15 years
12 y/o DD
10 y/o DS
6 y/o DD