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Speaking of withdrawal, that is where we were for a long time with occasional bouts of conflict. At least we are in a state of conflict and hopefully heading back towards intimacy. She has shut me out again entirely and it feels bad. I'm very lonely and sad tonight.
Waaaa Waaa Waaaa.

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Uh, you picked a fight there dippey-doo!

Her red = something going through your ears/eys like wind in a tunnel - she is stating that she cannot carry on the conversation comfortably and you keep forcing it.

Shut yer yap and LISTEN TO THE WOMAN.

Your red = disrespectful judgments. You are trying to educate her about her own feelings, or making assumptions about how long it should take her to "get over it."

Knock it off!

Listen to HHH.

Dude, you have treated the woman like DIRT. You are lucky she didn't do something worse than delay responding. She is trying to gather her emotions and instead of giving her some space you are demanding immediate forgiveness.

She said that she wanted to talk to you when you got home, so you decided to work late?!?

You called the mother of your children a slut, didn't respect her wishes, hounded her because she didn't respond to your texts in a time frame that you found acceptable, but you feel sad and lonely. Throwing in an occasional "I love you" in the middle of that garbage doesn't erase the negative, rude, hurtful things you said. Have you tried to consider how your wife feels?

Is the baby sleeping through the night yet? Has your wife been able to rest enough to recover from the major abdominal surgery that was needed to deliver your child safely? How does she feel about having to have a c-section this time after having two previous vaginal births? Do you even know?

Hilltopper, you are coming across as a self-centered, childish jerk.

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