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Kerala same for you, how about you just hate me from a distance?

Get over yourself. No one hates you; we don't even know you. If we're responding to you it's because we're seeing something and trying to help you. But this 'hate me from a distance' stuff is childish, immature, and if you say stuff like this to your wife, is not attractive coming from a man to a woman.

If you don't like what someone has to say, then don't respond. We're taking our time to try and help your marriage. if you're going to whine, self-martyr yourself, and lash out at those helping you, then don't seek help.

If you get called a jerk, so what. If a bunch of people are seeing the same thing, stop being defensive and ask why. All you're going to do is get people to stop responding to you. I certainly would not want to post to someone that is having a "stop hating me" pitty party.

Seriously. Maybe asking why someone has a POV that they do would be better than getting snappy to people trying to help you.

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