Hill .. I am glad your last few days have been Blissful ... however you need to keep up the good work and reward your wife for her attempt to MB. Giving her some space is also necessary especially when you have 3 small children like you have. She will get "touched out" far easier than you will since she is with them for a majority of the day. This WILL get easier as they grow .. so you will have to grin and bear it for a while.

HAve you looked into the Maca Root for your wifes low energy? Maca is not only a libido booster .. but its a hormone balancer and a great energy increaser! My wife was very skeptical about it .. but I kid you not .. it works like a charm! Takes about 5 days to fully take effect with the full dosage.

One average day after 3 good days? I would say thats pretty good Hilltopper .. I hope you let your wife now just how awesome she was for having those good days and the affection you did recieve?