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I've always felt that if something is a priority, then you'll make time to make it happen. It could be losing weight, going to the gym, spending time with kids, spending time with spouse, etc.

Tread very lightly here. Live up to your own standards and priorities, but be very careful not to judge your wife on the subject.

If something is not a priority to your wife, don't judge her for not holding that priority.

You will be a priority to your wife when your account in her love bank is receiving MASSIVE deposits every single day and there are no love busters causing withdrawals.

If you were to discover that you were not a priority to your wife, the absolute worst thing you could do would be to fault her for that. This would cause withdrawals from your account in her love bank and would make it even less likely that she would make you a priority. Instead you need to follow a rational plan to change your standing in your wife's estimation.

Yes, planning, organization, and being rational and logical are emphasized here. Personally, in addition to being a recovering chronic jerk, I am an emotional, disorganized wreck. I'm working on recovering from the disorganization as well.

You're right that was a sneaky judgmental jab on my part. STOP IT Hilltopper! smile

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