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I asked him to take a persoanlity disorder test I found online (one of the non-jokey ones) and it resulted in Very High for narcissism and histrionic, High for OCD. The others were all low, it checks for markers of about ten different PDs.

Could you forward a link? I would love to take that test.

This is the one: http://www.4degreez.com/misc/personality_disorder_test.mv

I took it as well. I ranked moderate in schitzoid, however you spell the paranoia one. I asked H if he wanted to see my results. He said no, like a true narcissist who doesn't care about other people, lol. I think that result reflects me well, I do worry that people are saying bad things about me, and by people I mean my H and by bad things I mean those I overheard personally or were told by others. lol.

I would like for him to care enough to go to a doctor and get a real diagnosis. I realize online tests are not definitive, but when his SELF REPORTED answers match MY OBSERVED experience, I tend to lend them a little more weight.

And remember, Steve Harley suggested that he get evaluated for OCD. I'm not the only one waving the crazy flag here.

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