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So would your wife be willing to try the babysitting date-night at least once a week (or heck twice if she's willing to try that) for say a month or two and see if her reservations or worries diminish over time?

This is an awesome suggestion.

I worry, HT, that if you don't get some kind of tentative plan into place NOW you two will not establish a new pattern.

Well now see that is how I see things as well, particularly after speaking with the Harleys. Joyce said, "Don't wait on it." Being a practical, problem solving male, that meant to me do it now! Problem solved, move on! My wife I guess needs some more time to think it through so for now I'll need to respect that That doesn't mean I'm gonna put the ball in her court forever, it just means that I'll take a break from it for the rest of today, possibly for tomorrow, then revisit again later. I'm NOT ok with putting off finding child care arrangements indefinitely.

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