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Anyone listen to the radio show today? How many husbands out there pretend that other ENs are just as important as SF? If so how long did it take to admit it? Come on now let's start calling a spade a spade'. smile

Actually, I believe that for a long time, I pretended the opposite; that other EN's were NOT as important as SF. And because of this, I got the need for S met, without any F.

Two parts; sexual. stop. fulfillment. stop.

Sometimes, putting the "F" in SF - even for men - includes Admiration, Affection, and Conversation.

Reason I mentioned it is because Dr Harley on yesterday's show mentioned something along the lines of, "For most men SF, is their single most important EN. Their second most important EN, so far down the list by comparison...." You get the point. I think in my particular case, I felt bad, staring at the workbook, knowing that SF is my most important EN. To distract from that selfish need(I know I am not selfish now), I placed more importance on other ENs incorrectly and less on SF. One of them was affection. So I'm wondering how many men, whether it be from the pressures of society, their wives, etc would place less importance on SF when in reality that is what they needed most?

*puts his hand up*

I did that! .. The first time i did my ENQ i didnt do it truthfully becasue i was afraid of my wifes reaction. I had SF like 3 on the list and affection and admiration was #1 and #2. But the truth was ... SF WAS #1 by far in comparison. Still is!


I thought so, thanks for your honesty MNG. Now can you go over to my wife's post and push the Maca Root! smile While you're there you can remind her that Hill needs lots of SF!!! hurray

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