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I HAD let my anger go about that incident, but it bubbles up when triggered.

In my life, when I have things that make me angry all over again when something new-but-similar pops up, I have found that I really haven't let it go. I may have let the incident itself go, but I have not let the hurt, anger, feeling disrespected and unloved go. When a new similar incident comes back, so do all those old feelings.

I can't even begin to tell you how to let it go because it hurts you so bad that he would even consider going on these trips without you.

Two other things came to mind when I read this:

1. Your hubby didn�t immediately say �no� but his response to the guy who asked him also didn�t say �yes.� �H's response to the email was non-committal and didn't reference the invite at all.� I interpret that as a political/polite way of being noncommittal until he could make up his mind. I know that probably sounds crazy, because I�m the direct kind of person who will never say �yes� to something I already know I won�t do, but LOTS of people do this just to be polite. Especially if the last hunting trip was bad, and if this guy�s relationship might be good for business down the line.

2. If I�m hearing you right, it sounds like you aren�t happy with him just saying �thanks but no� because you want him to tack on something that honors you and reflects that you disapprove of such trips. I�m not a guy, but I think most guys would have a very hard time doing that because a) they don�t want to be rude or look less manly and b) your H does not appear to feel the same way you do about these trips (seeing as he takes so many of them). I�m honestly thinking your H had a good (though maybe not the best) response.

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that night he abandoned me with a newborn+2 babies+7yo.

If I just read this most recent incident alone, without knowledge of the above, I would wonder why you�re so explosively angry over such a non-issue. He didn�t commit, and after you talked about it, he said he was going to tell the guy no.

My heart hurts for you, because it seems like you get so very frustrated over things you cannot control, and I have no concrete suggestions to help you.

"If you will stop feeding your feelings, then they will stop controlling you" -Joyce Meyer