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Dr Harley said effort is better even if you do something wrong for men.

Yep; that's about planning a date and arranging babysitting.


Well the feedback would point to me mostly doing things wrong, so it is very difficult to keep up that momentum day in and day out.

Difficult, but not impossible. It is difficult because you don't feel like doing it, but you can do things you don't feel like doing. Like going to work, for example. smile Or changing a child's soiled diaper.

This relationship is not going to get better without a "whatever it takes, even if I don't like it" attitude.

In fact it is overwhelming. Do I care if my wife enjoys her coffee? Of course I do, I got up in the morning specifically to make us coffee to get an extra 15 minutes together of UA time. It was too strong, I offered to remake it, she declined the offer, live and learn.

Make coffee again tomorrow.

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