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My wife and I are different people during TRUE UA time to be honest. We are the people we both fell in love with 10 years ago. This in a nut shell explains why Dr H says that UA time is the single most important thing struggling marriage partners can focus on.

Hooray! hurray You've got a handle on the most important concept around here. smile

Sunday was decent, couple of rough spots, followed by a strange good/bad finish to the night which I won't get into.

I'm betting there were some disrespectful judgments, selfish demands, or angry outbursts involved.

I have some legal issues at work with my business partner, my wife has been in constant contact with me, supporting me, and wanting to know what is going on. That feels good when she does that.

It sounds like you being open and honest about this is a great chance to meet an emotional need. smile

Yep honesty is key for my wife, one her most important ENs as is Financial Support, so involving her in legal issues with my business partner is very, very important to her.

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