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I'm pretty simple. All I need is to be loved and not deceived.

Oh, and a boat...lol.

Now we need to negotiate dry stack and wet storage. H is stuck on dry stack. I'm planning to use respectful persuasion to convince him to switch to wet storage by next spring. H has never been part of a 'dock culture', and I think he would LOVE it. He thinks it's bad for the boat, better to keep it dry when not in use. I've been part of dock culture and I think it would add to our boating experience (and H's potential client base<<see what I did there?).

But for now, we're dry stack, it's not important enough for me to press, I'd rather encourage by exposure. I just wish the flipping thing would get here already!!! It's being shipped in from another location.

You're learning to "sell the salesman", CWMI. Oh, btw, I'm glad that you didn't perceive my comment about DH being able to "relax" as my way of insinuating that it will help you relax, so your DH can relax and connect.

Rather, I see the pool table and boat as tools that, in your DH's mind say to himself, "This is success to me." I really believe that your DH doesn't give himself permission to have things less than perfect. Not out of some sick, neurotic OCD behavior, but rather out of a need to keep life in control due to some misery in his past. I went through this when I was young and it took me almost giving up the ghost in an accident to realize that life is too short. Things don't have to be perfect to be good and things that "look" good can also be bad.

As far as wet storage, if you believe that life will be 100% better with it, then you'll have to sell him on it. If he misses a few opportunities to entertain/party due to a lack of spontaneity (ie having to haul dear boat to the water, etc.) he'll be easier to persuade. Oh, and once the boat is in the H2O, you guys might end up on the water all the time, to the point he'll look for a dock. He won't want to miss out on any fun or opportunities to schmooze with clients.

Anyway, it's a 4th of July weekend. I hope arrives asap you have a great time!!!!

Live, love, and laugh because the best is yet to come!