Back to the beginning with us. My wife said we can begin MB again once I go to a doctor's appointment for a vasectomy. We had a date tonight scheduled and she said, "we mine as well just not go then," after we had a disagreement and disrespected each other a bunch. It involved her describing everything as "disgusting" about the house. She complains several times a day about anything and everything and it wears on me when she does. Its just really hard to be around and no matter how clean something gets she'll [censored] about it anyways.

I can't control her and won't try so I just sent her a text that I was sorry for being disrespectful and then condescending about MB(I told her that I had warned her that we'd be at each other's throats if we didn't sit down and get back to MB principles.) She feels its my fault for not helping her clean out the garage enough. I volunteer weekend after weekend but we never get around to it because we are doing other things. We had a date planned tonight and I offered to pick up take out, drop the kids off and clean the garage with her instead, but she said no. She isn't asking me to get a V consult, she is demanding it. In fact she refuses to go to her own consult or have sex until I do. I've told her how I feel about them and politely emailed her the reasons why, but I feel she doesn't respect my feelings on the issue which is why she demands I go whether I want to or not. She just confirmed she is withholding sex and if it is a few months then "so be it."

Married 15 years
12 y/o DD
10 y/o DS
6 y/o DD