I am not hurt by this conversation; I think I am numb to this sort of conversation. I have been having these sorts of conversations for many years where: I tell him how I feel or what I'm going to do...then he turns around to tell me how I actually feel and what I am really going to do. LOL

As for snooping, in the beginning I was not very trusting. I was like Nancy Drew. But I came up empty-handed. (I did not install any keylogger or VARs <-- terms I have learned by reading the SAA msg. board.) He comes directly home after work, is available by phone at all times, responds to my emails instantly. At one point, he started playing sports 2-3 nights a week but that's over for now. I gave up snooping and worrying since I couldn't find anything.

Now I am only worried about my behavior and what I am doing. I am sure that since I couldnt get my DH to "listen" or display the appropriate "emotions", I began to appreciate that (and the excitement) from OM. I want to make sure I re-establish appropriate boundaries and avoid LB-ing.

This week has been pretty good so I am hopeful. wink

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