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Who wants to make love to a guy with a bad attitude? yuck!
Yup .. I hear ya .. I wouldnt want to make love to a guy with a bad attitude either! grin stickout

She would tell me it was not ME .. but her! (tired after getting in after 10pm from the night out or whatever. And she would apologize and explain to me that just thinking about doing it even though we had a great night (we would cuddle ... and kiss .. and hold hands .. and chat ... and walk and watch other people and drum up conversation easily) created anxiety in her (she felt she may have had some sort of an aversion for a while because of the fights from many years past over sex). And do all the romantic things but have sex at the end of the night. I would feel frusterated for the lack of sex cuz i would expect it (my mistake and a self talking DJ)

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