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NOt sure if you read ML .. but to mention MB in Hills home is a LoveBuster to his wife.

Hes in a really tough spot.

I feel really bad for him and know exactly how he feels. Hence why I am all over this thread. I would love to see Hills marriage turned around as mine was in a similar state just over a year ago or so.

No, it's not a lovebuster at all. And please note I didn't tell him to mention Marriage Builders anyway. All he needs to do is counsel with Steve Harley and let STEVE tell him how to get her on the phone.

hilltopper, you need to stop messing around and step it up here. The things you have done have not worked. Let Steve Harley sell her on the concepts of Marriage Builders. That is your only hope as far as I can see.

MNG, if you want to help this guy, you need to help him focus on Marriage Builders. That is the ONLY way his marriage will make it.

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