You're supposed to be judgmental. It's about finding the right person, no? I look at it like this: you have certain things that are no brainer, not going to work for you deal breakers. These things are MUCH easier to spot with online dating because you have so much hanging out there and even during a first date or two, you're sizing the other person up. This is a vastly different dynamic than the guy you ran into at the grocery store a few times, talked to, perhaps went out with a few times and THEN found out things you don't like that may have turned you off earlier but you might ignore now because he's a good guy, you're infatuated, etc.

I guess that's a long way of saying that I think online dating allows you to be more objective as opposed to being more judgmental. On the flip side though, we have to stay away from being too picky; it's easy to get into the mentality of, "this person doesn't meet all of my one hundred checklist items and there are 40,000 more guys/gals on this site. Next." It can be a tough balancing act at times!

Age - 35
Divorce Final - 3/5/12

S - 13
S - 10
D - 8