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Yes, I've been working through some of Dr. Hartley's materials and like what I've seen. I agree with his values and perspectives. But there is a lot of material to sort through and since every situation is different, a lot of it doesn't apply to mine, even though I can learn important principals in the process.

We can help you get through this step by step by pointing you to the pertinent steps for your situation. It is not an easy process but the rewards are great..

Please notice how long MelodyLane has been here and how many posts she has made on this site.

Know also that she has listened to hundreds (thousands?) of hours of Dr. Harley's Marriage Builders Radio. She is well educated in hundreds of different marital scenarios and what works and what doesn't.

She is your best bet to finding your way out of this to a happy future.

90% of the people who post here say "my situation is different" (think about how silly that is). Then they ignore the suggestions and end up in disaster.

If you are serious about saving your marriage, you can't get it all on this forum. You've got to listen to the Marriage Builders Radio show, every day. Install the app!

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If your wife is not on board with MB, some of my posts to other men might help you.