Your boys will also likely be relieved that it had nothing to do with them.

Boys will be boys and at times, as parents, we admonish them for such behavior. As your marriage teetered on the precipe for the last two years they certainly knew something was wrong they just were unable to put their fingers on it. I am sure at least a portion of that stress was internalized and they looked at themselves as possibly the root cause.

The truth hurts...but it can be relieving at the same time.

Beware the spin police. I believe I recall Dr. Harley or Steve advising an exposing parent to sum it all the face of denials, rationalizations and justifications by merely flipping out the question "When is it ever OK to have an affair?". Your boys can certainly understand that simple fact in the face of the circling whirlwind of the spin doctors trying to reverse your moral highground.

Good luck Shaden

Mr. W

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"agree to disagree" = Used when one wants to reject the objective reality of the situation and hopefully replace it with their own.