Everything was pretty quiet last night. WW was online in the evening, but couldn't see any messages going back and forth. I think she has switched to another way to communicate. I think she knows I was tapping in. But she hasn't changed passwords. Probably just on the phone.

It is also possible that the guilt with the kids has caused her to stop for a night or two... but I know the addiction will be enough for her to go back.

I didn't hear if BIL got his message yet.

I also hope that wasn't a mistake... putting the family in jeopardy from his temper. He has not been out of control to this point that I know of in the past... the hitting was once each time...and I think once was a retaliation from her hit... but these things can escalate quickly.

Smartcookie... thanks for the encouragement. Probably my WW sees that she is just having harmless talk... nothing has happened... so she can tell the boys I am mistaken. If so, she hasn't learned a thing.

I just didn't want to draw the boys into this messy business. I told WW all along that wouldn't happen. But I do see the necessity of it... just don't like it. But I like what she is doing even less.

I was reading again from Dr. Dobson's book "Tough Love" last night. It did say to not involve the kids... but that is only one opinion. Most of the rest of his ideas, though, seem to be excellent.


BH (Me) - 38
WW - 36
Married - 16 years
2 children - 10,12
DD1 - 05/30/05 - EA suspected, W wanted space
DD2 - 07/01/05 - EA/PA discovered & confronted WW
DD3 - 07/21/05 - Further contact discovered and now ended.
11/07/05 - exposed to OMW...
07/01/07 - separated to give "space". recovery was not progressing.
09/04/07 - DDAY all over... new OM.

Patience with God is Faith.
Patience with myself is Hope.
Patience with others is Love.