I hope that you packed some good books, to pass the time! smile

This ......
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I'm torn between packing it all up, putting it in a storage unit with a month prepaid and mailing her the keys, and just having her come and separate everything out with me there so she can actually face what she's doing.

You think actually facing what she is doing is going to phase her? If you do that, you are going to be in for a big disappointment. You'll just have to put up with her crap. Just mail her the keys.

So, are you now officially done?
I agree with Jim here.
While I understand where you are coming from Gerka,
we want our abuser to face the damage that they have caused,
it is unlikely that she will behave the way that you expect,
the way that we see ourselves behaving in such a situation.

You and WW are in two different worlds right now.

If you do see her, prepare yourself for the possibility of not seeing remorse.

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I haven't written anything back to her, I'm feeling pretty indecisive.
Indecisive is normal. Your life is unfolding not how you expected.


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