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Yes. I feel that I'd be a lot further along my personal recovery if I had given up on this horrible person months ago.

But don't you feel more at peace with your decision now that you know your marriage couldn't/shouldn't be saved?

Aren't you glad you now know what your WW is truly like? Now if she comes back later asking for reconciliation you can say, "uh, no thanks."

I'm positive that she's acting the way she's acting because she has at least one or more OM right now and she's having trouble justifying that to herself, so she's angry and just lashes out at you. You are the cause of her problems, not herself. I'm sure that's how she got the interest of all the other OM, telling them what a horrible guy you are and how they should feel so sorry for her. Boo freaking hoo. She can go pull that [censored] with someone else now.


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