Hi Heartfelt!
Thanks for the hello on my thread! grin

I had to take a break but oh my goodness!
Are you ok? Seriously, I would be very very hurt by this conversation. hug

He has No expectations on his friends and wouldn't feel betrayed by them if they slept with you!!!! So he will keep friends even if they are trying to get you, he doesn't care, not his problem it is all you? faint OUCH!!!

And what the heck is all this talk about you need time to go find yourself? That is his answer for why you are unhappy in your marriage!!!!?????
(oh no, it can't really be me at all, I have no part... its all you, go find yourself and then you will really love me!!!)

Then followed by, I married you for who you are? I thought he just said you didn't know who you are, so which is it!

Heartfelt... I think you need to snoop on him. seriously. Just in case. I have been for 3 months without him knowing and it has been a relief and opened my eyes a ton to what is going on in his world.

What he says is talking in circles - I have traveled the world and don't buy that it is because he isn't American-

Something just seems off think

Yes, I would keep working on your side of the street. NO Love busting and would REPEAT that you know exactly who you are and what you want.
Try to get some UA time, work on RC and hey, maybe you should call the radio show as well!!!

I am off to get some sleep!

ME: 33 W DH: 39
3 Kids 11,6,baby
My 2nd M-His 1st