Ok, durr, been on the phone (my cell phone) for THREE HOURS NOW trying to fix a mess my H made by responding to SPAM. My home phone is OFF, he changed providers (did I mention this was through spam, that he logged into my facebook account to complete, and spammed all my friends, too?) without discussing it with me and it appears I've lost my phone number that I've had for five years longer than I've had my husband, and is linked to all my accounts, that all my kid's friends have, etc...oh my, I've been scrambling changing passwords (you know how we tend to use two or three? Yeah, the password he gave to the spammers was the password for several financial accounts, as well as my email, had to change all that) and UGH. Really? He said he was trying to win a gift card, and the phone deal would save us $7 a month, which would be groovy IF WE HAD PHONE SERVICE. Grr...

We'll get through it. I'll bite my "Oh, you stupid man" tongue and we'll get through.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)