Thanks for stopping by and giving us an update Not.

Sorry to hear about your husband. 36 is very young to have a heart attack. My brother had one at 50 and I thought that was young. With proper medical treatment, drugs and a lifestyle change hopefully your husband will be back to normal shortly.

Most teenagers go through a rebellious period. Some are more rebellious than others. For me it seemed that girls rebellion was more intense than the boys.

My daughter is doing much better. She left the state run home in the summer of 2010. Since then she's only had one angry outburst toward me and that was about a year ago. She was looking for a job for a long time without any offers. She was getting frustrated. Costco was opening a new store in our area and I took the initiative help her fill out an on-line application. Her attitude was "what's the use? They're just going to bring in people from other stores and have probably already hired everyone else." Well a couple of days later she got a call for an interview. She got the job! Costco is actually one of the better employers, even for part time employees. She's making $11.00 an hour, has benifits and a 401K plan. Having a job and going to school has kept her busy. And for her I think that's half the battle. you know... and idle mind is the devils workshop. She still has a lot of maturing to do though. She's still struggling in school and is still learning how to manage her money. I've been trying to help her learn how to manage her money but she's still of the mindset that "Dad dosen't know anything". Ok... I guess she'll just have to learn the hard way.

My son is supposed to be going to Navy boot camp in April, and my other daughter can't figure out what she wants to do.

Me... I retired from the military last summer and I'm currently un-employed and looking for a job. As for my recent longing... it's probably just the work of the devil on another idle mind. I've got too much time on my hands. I'd like to work on fixing up my house but I don't really want to spend the money until I have another source of income. Right now I probably have enough money in savings to last me until late spring or early summer. And the stress of not knowing when I'll have another job takes a toll.

OK... enough about me and my situation. That's my story and I'm sticking too it.

Thanks again for the update not2fun. Now if only wildhorses74 will get on here and update...along with a few others.. It'll be like a MB reunion.


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